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My Philosophy

"Understanding the math we teach is essential for understanding how students reason."

  - Marilyn Burns

I believe that children’s education can reach their full potential when learning through experiences and deep understanding. 

Inspired Mathematics believes in a shared learning approach that is relevant to the learner and balances pedagogy with implementable take-aways.

Inspired Mathematics is about providing professional development that will help accomplish your goal. My professional development will be structured around grounded concepts within a progression, discussion, and assessment for learning. Participants engage in enriching experiences with opportunities to practice, make connections, and reflect.  This will guide teachers to a deeper understanding of the math concepts they teach.

Professional Development

3-6 hour courses around a variety of topics.

Parent Resources

Parent courses and parent math nights encourage school to parent partnerships around Mathematics.


A partnership approach to supporting teachers in reaching their goals.


Working with district and leaders to determine needs.

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