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"When teachers stop learning, so do students."

                             -Jim Knight

Coaches and Teachers are Partners

When people work together, great things happen.  Teachers make the difference in the classroom; therefore they require high-quality resources, support, and a partner that will support them in reaching their goals.  


Having a partnership approach to coaching, we believe teachers and coaches are equals.  While the work is done together, teachers get to choose what is important to them.  The coach works alongside their coachee to offer support, find resources, encourage, and see it through.  One of our instructional coach heroes is Jim Knight.  Click below to read more about Jim Knight and his work.


Any decision we make is made with the student at the center.  We serve our students and their learning is at the heart of what we do.  Through our interactions with districts, leaders, and teachers, student learning and success will always drive our work. 

Sharing Student
For You

While we have worked hard to ensure our courses are relevant and well-researched, the needs of our district and teachers will always be centered.  We look forward to knowing more about what makes your school unique.  

Colorful Chalks

We believe that teachers are more successful when they set goals and have a clear plan to get there.  The Inspired Mathematics instructional coaches use researched instructional strategies to help drive teacher goals.  It starts with selecting those goals, working with the coach on a path that will meet those goals, using data to drive our decisions, and reflecting on the outcomes.  See our Pillars of Instruction in Mathematics Document by clicking below.

Brainstorm to Success
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